5 Ways To Manage Stress In Recovery Over Christmas

Pride can be a significant part of the year for many folks who belong to the LGBTQ2+ community or have loved ones in the LGBTQ2+ community. Not all celebrations are “happy” in the traditional sense. Some people may choose to commemorate days that signify mourning and loss, such as Trans Day of Remembrance. These French Christmas Traditions May Change the Way You Celebrate Big HolidaysA native of France shares four glorious tips to holiday the French way. It’s a consistency among books in this round-up that I’m 100 percent here for—a mix of memoir and self-help.

This is easier said than done, but you can try enlisting the support of your friends and family, those in your support network who know about your recovery and want to help. Oftentimes, people don’t realize what a devastating and painful holiday Christmas can be for people who have an addiction and co-occurring PTSD. In addition to avoiding drugs and alcohol on Christmas, you can also prevent major mood swings and relapse by avoiding substances like caffeine or excessive sugar.

Can I go to an LGBTQ Rehab if I’m not Gay?

All the love in the world when it’s feeling one sided sucks. Broken promises suck, not getting a mothers day present sucks, but things died the day I became a sober companion not a girlfriend. Oh just to end this with my usual humorous twist I was like did you just trip and fall into a bag of coke? His reply there was a death in the family and a friend gave him copious amounts of cocaine…I dunno if this is a rich person thing but my friends usually send flowers or candles. Y’all there is a world in NYC finance that is just a total mind F and apparently cocaine is a sympathy gift, allegedly. The holidays can also bring up painful memories or family dynamics that we need to devote time and space to processing and working through with a trusted friend, family member, or therapist. Another study published by the Scientific American explored the ways in which mindfulness impacted positive thinking, and positive thinking then impacted overall quality of life.

  • I found lockdown easier with a sober clear mind, so plan ahead and stay safe.
  • It moved me from a place of victim hood to warrior.
  • During the pandemic lonely and concerned for my community I accepted a volunteer position hosting meetings.
  • Contending with perfectionism, a struggle for autonomy, or whatever your upbringing may have programmed you to wrestle with, can make getting out of bed in the morning overwhelming.
  • Look I’ve become better in some ways but I’ll always be a smart ass.

Alternatively, people recovering from addiction may glamourize past holidays they spent drinking or using drugs with buddies, leading to unintentional rationalizing or relapse. Being my first relationship sober from start to finish it was wonderful. There was one part I wasn’t so proud of, my co dependency. I, the woman who has been living a pretty avangarde life and was able to cut ties with her own family was CODEPENDENT…. Early on things happened causing my life to be uncertain I was spiraling. I needed reassurance and became very self centered and probably wasn’t 100% thinking this man has a life that is not about me. Having only ever been in abusive or controlling relationships what he did next blew my mind and please someone answer this, “Did I experience a healthy relationship?

A Very Sober Quarantine

Childhood trauma, memories of abusive partners, the death of a loved one, physical violence, emotional distress, and more can exacerbate the symptoms of substance use disorder and PTSD. Part of why drug-free and alcohol-free Christmas celebrations can be so hard on those in recovery from anxiety and addiction is because that coping mechanism is removed. Using holistic methods of addiction and mental health recovery, you can regain control over the cues your body is giving you. For a person managing anxiety and a substance use disorder, reframing thoughts and paying attention to their body’s cues will be very important. Recovering alcoholics and those overcoming drug addiction typically have a number of triggers, such as going to a certain place, witnessing an argument, or seeing extended family members. There are many virtual and in-person support groups for people with co-occurring disorders, and specifically for people with depression and addiction.

reframing holidays in early recovery

What happens to people who’s pain is negated or looked over…worst case it’s their breaking point. Maybe they will relapse, over dose or worse commit suicide. I am lucky and blessed to have a network of badass women in recovery not just from drugs and alcohol but trauma.

Sober Curious Recovery – Great News for Relapse Prevention

If you can, work near a window throughout the day. Even outfitting your home with warm, bright lighting can help improve your mood. Many traditions this time of year incorporate candles and twinkling lights for a reason. You can also give the gift of helping a neighbor, a friend, a family member, or https://ecosoberhouse.com/ a stranger. It’s the act of giving that is more important than a present. Our generosity can be a gift to ourselves, because when we focus on others, and less on ourselves, we tend to reduce our anxiety. At McLean, we are here to support you and your family at every step of your path to recovery.

  • If there’s no one you can lean on in person, have at least one person you can call or text when you’re in need.
  • Calls to numbers dedicated to a specific treatment center will be routed to that treatment center.
  • If you would like to discuss these ideas more, contact our New Hampshire drug rehab today!
  • Connect with team members in private and ask if they would like to share how they observe holidays and celebrations.

If I dressed up or did my hair was to get drinks, and make up well that was just to hide the mistakes of the night before. Learning tricks like telling the kids I needed to use the bathroom and ducking into a bar to slam a couple shots. Staying in the drinking realm was my end game and my groundhog day. There is a running joke and John Mulaney has the best comedy sketch on this, people seriously forget other beverages exist!!!

Is there a Drug and Alcohol Rehab for People who Identify as Non-Binary?

Jan started drinking went she went to school overseas in Italy. She drank and experimented with drugs through college. She had serious health consequences because of her drinking. She worked at several resorts and met her husband who loved to drink. Some people with substance use and personality disorders choose to keep their recovery and mental health concerns private. Too much socialization or a triggering event among family and friends can send someone with a personality disorder into an unhealthy place, leading to relapse.

reframing holidays in early recovery

You might start by easing your withdrawal symptoms at a drug and alcohol detox or rehab center, which can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety or fear during the withdrawal process. Because stress is so closely linked with addiction and substance use disorder recovery, you can find many treatment programs that offer tools to help you manage it. To keep stress levels and risk of relapse low during the Christmas period, you should take care of your physical and mental health, even on Christmas Day when it may feel unnatural to do so.

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With a sober clear mind I knew my thoughts and feelings were real and valid. In my early childhood, I remember anticipating my grandmother’s early recovery magic chocolate cake (turns out—the “magic” was coffee and baking soda combined) and delicious Christmas-morning cinnamon rolls.

reframing holidays in early recovery

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